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The main objective of this project is to develop the prototype of self balancing robot. Balancing is one of the importat characteristic of the robot. Selfalancing robot proposed in the project has considered as a partially success. From the research founded that the LQR controller is one of the most suited controll system for MIMO systems. These kind of systems are most robust in nature enable the robot self balancing. But this is not completely deployed in the demonstration. In the research that is founded that the PID controller has certain limitations like issues when the tilt angle as well as position of the robot at the same time. Because they are not provide parallel processing features like LQR controller.Here we have fonded these details from the conducted MATLAB simulation in this project.
The prototype of robot has been sucessfully developed based on the Arduino Microcontroller. The developed robot shows the possibility of the deployment as well as propoability of controlling of tilt angle & robot position.



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