chennai bakes

Uthamapalayam Chennai Bakes

chennai bakes

All Varieties of Fruit Juice available. Try the special items Watermelon Juice, Hiruveni Juice, Grape Juice, Mulam Juice & Pineapple Juice. Its perfect place for family and friends. Fresh Baked Goodness presents to you a selection of sugar delights that celebrates any celebration in your calendar. They make what you want, in a variety of flavours you love for your special day. Their cake makers continue to make their cakes with the philosophy of making egg-free recipes without hesitationYou can avail takeout

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They grew from a zero strategic business to a full packed unit, which holds a production capacity of 100 kilos a day, a mountain of growth that is very close to their hearts. They work through the day, with successful schedules and time tables in their kitchens.


The juice shop has a wide range of menus and a variety of flavours to it. Check out their Papaya, Chikoo, Chikoo Banana, Oreo, Chocolate Milk, Choco Banana, Mango, Cold Coffee, Oreo Banana and Kiwi.

they baked 18 cupcake flavours every day. Get the cupcakes shipped to your doorstep free of charge.

Choco Crazy, Mocha, Tiramisu, Bespoke or Designer Cakes, Custard Crumble, Boston Cream Cupcake, Cookies N Cream,

They offer options for takeaways.

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