Theni Sri Murugambal Lala Sweets & Bakery


Our very first move in 1940 as ambitious as a sweets shop employee with a little background wanted to explore possibilities for business. Builder Late Shri S. Ramaswamy, with all the love for traditional recipes perfected with exotic ingredients and the sweet and savory bakering skills.

He set up a small sweetshop with a few delicacies in Theni, a tiny but important town in the district of Theni, Tamil Nadu. Becoming so popular among Theni people, they fell in love with their traditional homemade yummies and dubbed them as Sri Murugambal Lala Mittai Kadai brand.

From the grass-root stage, the duos trained themselves for improved teamwork, management, and labor-force ties. At any single planks and counts, the workforce is encouraged to feel at home and responsible for the company’s progress and performance.

        In the sweets the product range has expanded-type, milk sweets, Bengali sweets, and bakery products are all enjoyed. A rich range of sweets, fast meals, frozen desserts, and pastries; a selection of cookies and cakes accent busy shelves.

The use of different food materials and techniques of food processing has been passed down from one generation to the next and is now considered “traditional foods.”

      For thousands of years, traditional foods have played a significant role in rituals of diverse cultures and regions like foods eaten locally and regionally for an long period of time. Traditional food processing practices are a part of a nation or a region’s tradition.

              Traditional food is a food with a particular feature or characteristics that specifically differentiate it from other related foods of the same type in terms of the use of “traditional ingredients” (primary raw material) or “traditional structure” or “traditional manufacturing and/or processing procedure”             Over time, several aspects affected the conventional diets. One of these reasons is the quality of raw materials; hence, conventional food is affected by local and agricultural practices. For example, regions at a lower altitude have different vegetation relative to high-altitude regions

Traditional foods have evolved a long time ago, and many of them still have their place in healthier diets today, while others do not satisfy dietary requirements nowadays because they are too high in fat or oil. Therefore it makes sense to adjust the nutritional structure of certain conventional foods and make them more fit for the 21st century. Mediterranean diet, which has been shown to be helpful to health in the past century, may act as a model by changing the less desirable compositions of certain conventional cuisines, promoting the use of local ingredients. Therefore it is impossible to draw general conclusions regarding the health effects of a particular cuisine or the conventional foods involved.


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