maruthi restaurant

Theni (Pc Patty) Maruthi Bakery & Restaurant

maruthi restaurant

The Maruthi Bakery & Restaurants in Theni is the location for a nutritious lunch. This location is synonymous with tasty food and can satiate your cravings for sweets. It is home to some of the most sought after cuisines. It occupies a desirable position at Palanichettipatti so as to be able to cater for a significant number of diners.

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TYPES: Bakery & ReRestaurant

you can visit MRR Nagar, Kochi Madurai Dhanushkodi Lane, Palanichettipatti-. Courtesy of this strategic spot, foodies in and around the area will stroll in easily to this eating house without encountering any traffic jams connected to this section of the world. It is one of Palanichettipatti’s most sought after Restaurants.

Maruthi Bakery & Restaurants at Palanichettipatti, by offering highly palatable food, ensures one has a great food experience. The restaurant invites visitors during the operating hours from encouraging diners to enjoy a scrumptious dinner. Payment can be made through Currency.


Kochi Madurai Dhanushkodi Road, Palanichettipatti, Theni – 625531.

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