Muniyandi Vilas

Periyakulam Muniyandi Vilas

Muniyandi Vilas

Madurai Sri Initial Muniyandi Vilas in Periyakulam is the spot to make way for a nutritious meal. Established in 2000, this place is synonymous with delicious food which can satiate all the cravings of the people. It is home to some of the most sought after cuisines. It occupies a desirable position at Periyakulam H O. TNSTC Workshop,25, Madurai Road, to be able to cater for a significant number of diners.

Dining Hall

The Periyakulam H O-626501 is the location to explore. Courtesy of this strategic spot, foodies in and around the area will easily stroll into this eating house without encountering any traffic jams connected to this part of town. It is one of the most sought after Restaurants in Periyakulam H O. This is one of the renowned Restaurants in Theni. Madurai Sri Initial Muniyandi Vilas at Periyakulam H O, by providing extremely palatable food, ensures one has a fantastic food experience.


The restaurant welcomes visitors from 07:00– 11:00- enabling diners to enjoy a scrumptious meal between the hours of work. Payment may be made through Currency, Also included on this list are Restaurants, Biryani Restaurants, Caterers For Non-Veg Cuisine. The eating house has been rated a 5.0 from an overall number of 0 + ratings. For some further information, one can contact the restaurant on + (91)-9865771596.

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