Nama orru tea kadai

Namma Ooru Tea Kadai.

Nama orru tea kadai

The taste of tea varies depending on the terrain in which the tea is grown and the method of processing. Tea made from tea grown in places like Assam and Sri Lanka is strong. Areas like Darjeeling and Nilgiris are famous for their mild taste. In addition, white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea … The taste of the tea will be different in the process of processing the tea.

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Tea tastes only good when mixed with milk, which is processed into black tea. Otherwise it will overflow. Such a practice exists only in the UK and India. As is customary in other countries, tea is made from boiling water. Since the same custom was followed in Australia …, milk-mixed tea looked different. Although initially reluctant to taste, it was soon accepted.


  • Vaṭai
  • Bajji
  • bonda
  • snaks
  • tea coffe
  • milk

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