Aashika bakeries

Cumbum Aashika bakeries

Aashika bakeries

Aashika Bakeries in, Cumbum is providing the sweet-toothed people with a beautiful range of baked goods. In the year 2013, this bakery cum patisserie opened up shop and soon enough it came to be known for tasty sweet sweets with mouthwatering.

Name Board

This bakery offers a range of pure-vegetarian sweets including desserts, pastries, biscuits, sandwiches, puddings, mousse, cheesecakes, and muffins. You may even order a sinfully indulgent and decadent designer cake that suits the occasion. From its inception, it has attracted a multitude of clients, attracting impressive loyalty from the local people living in and around. Near the bus station, you can conveniently find this retail establishment at,


Ambient and Facilities at Bakeries Aashika

A self-service store, Aashika Bakeries in welcomes customers on all days of the week between operating hours from 08:00-22:00. Upon entering this establishment, be welcomed by the warm and friendly counter manning team, ready to serve you.

Snacks & Biscuits

From plain and easy desserts, this bakery also shows its skills in the skillful art of making artisanal and tailor-made desserts. Easily pay for your order using Cash Browse the ‘Menu’ to find out about their entire range of deals and make an educated decision before visiting here.



Objects which are often ordered

The Blueberry Cheese Cookies, Choco Doughnut, Sinaasapple, Melted Chocolate, Choco Hazelnut, Chocolate Trifle Mousse, and Fresh Fruit Muffin are served here by the patrons of Aashika Bakeries.


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