pure veg

Bodi Kalyan Hotel

pure veg

The ambiance and aura that we provide in our hotels will surely enter you with a feeling of elevated emotions and flavors. We are continually looking for fresh ways to recreate our brand and are investigating indigenous cuisines that can carry into our menu.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of vegetarian food, with a particular focus on delicious South Indian and North Indian Foods. The guests can choose between a traditional vegetarian thali that includes rice and varied curries, and a la carte dining options, ranging from the Vada of the day to tasty Dosai.

Anyone who has enjoyed the joy of traditional South Indian cuisine in Kalyan Hotel will always long for the mouth-watering idlis, crispy Vadas, crunchy dosas with sizzling hot filter coffee to start the day.

Exclusive Party halls With the delicious smells and pleasant décor, that together with the pure veg food takes you on a magic ride of exotic flavors. The staff is friendly, polite, willing to explain the dishes’ names to customers and recommend their favorites.


We will love for new talent to come work with us. If you are bursting with new ideas and share the same enthusiasm for keeping guests happy as all of us here at Kalyan Hotel, please come and be a part of our incredible team. JoiningHotel Annamalai means becoming a part of a unique community dedicated to being the pioneers in the world of hospitality.We are continually looking for fresh ways to recreate our brand and are investigating indigenous and foreign cuisines that can form part of our menu.Hailing from a Southern Indian context and South India is the cradle of spices, our dishes are focused on the aroma and flavor of spices. Our South Indian cuisines are obtained from the traditional Udipi & Chettinad style of cooking. For all our dishes we use authentic Indian spices and fresh masalas. The traditional methods that we employ in our cooking, in addition to the authenticity of the quality of products that we use, have made our chain of restaurants a customer’s delight. This gets additionally enhanced by the unique hospitality that we provide to our customers when they visit us along with the right ambiance to create an unforgettable experience for our customers. Keeping in mind our customer’s good health we use olive oil for preparing North Indian dishes in most of our restaurants.

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