Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery

Theni Sri Devi Vilas Sweets & Bakery

Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery

The Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery is the best place to have a lunch and dinner in Theni.It provides the cheapest food services in this area. The Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery is located in Near Karur Vysya Bank, Theni, Tamil Nadu that provides you the best quality food service.
It offers dishes like Veg, and some others mouth watering dishes that make you feel delighted. Besides, it has great interior that is well furnished, and equipped with amazing lights and impressive dining table. Get its proper location and address details in your city, give your review and rating to Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery Theni, and make us serve you better.

Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery
Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery

Traditional Indian sweets:

Ranging from Gulab Jamuns to Payasam, nostalgic favourites to modern avatars, we bring to you the most loved 13 Indian desserts.

traditional Indian sweets
taditional Indian sweets

This is a collection of Indian sweets and desserts, also known as mithai, an important part of Indian cuisine. Many sweets in India are fried foods produced from sugar , fat, or condensed milk. Ingredients and favorite dessert styles differ according to location. For eg, in eastern India most are focused on milk products. Most are aromatised with almonds and pistachios, spiced with cardamom, musk..


In ancient Mesopotamia and ancient India and other ancient cultures, sweets were fed to the gods.[8] Dried fruit and honey were perhaps the first sweeteners used in most areas of the world, but the spread of sugar cane across the world was important to dessert developmentBefore , sugar cane was grown and distilled in India and crystallized, rendering it easier to breed.

Contact Details of Sri Devi Vilas Sweet And Bakery

Bazaar Street,
Near Karur Vysya Bank,
Periyakulam – 625601, Tamil Nadu , India
Phone Number: 09894199258,
Email ID: rajaabinav@gmail

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