Hotel Velmani

Andipatti Hotel Velmani

Hotel Velmani

Velmani Hotel, in Aundipatti.
Celebrated as one of the best in the city is Hotel Vel in Aundipatti The position is strategic. Established in the year, this hospitality destination has grown to be the perfect location for travelers and business people to feel at home while in town. Many have checked the one hotel in Aundipatti to be among the sought-after ones. The company owns various properties in the following locations under its banner Aundipatti. The hotel runs during the week from 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.


Catering for the convenience of its customers, the hotel offers different ways of payment to ease the payment process. The hotel offers a plethora of facilities with the intention of pampering its guests for an exciting experience. The hotel is also listed as a resort destination in case Hotels are required. To better appreciate the room through these visual guides, one should search through the 2 images attached above while trying to satiate one’s cravings.


Over the years, the hotel’s patrons have been consistently ranking based on their encounters that now put the property to a ranking score of 4.5. Recipes for breakfast are simple, tasty, and nutritious. You’ll find famous Indian breakfast such as

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