Sixth Star Inn

Uttamapalayam Sixth Star Inn

Sixth Star Inn

Our hotel in Uthamapalaiyam is excellent in terms of its environment and amenities. We always take care of your convenience and needs, we have the best at the best rates. We guarantee our availability and plans make the most of your vacation.

Sixth Star Inn

Rejoice your comfort with the perfect ambience and cultured heritage at our hotel in Uthamapalayam near Theni. The Sixth Star Inn offers the hotel rooms with fine architecture and a great service. Our hotel offers the highest level of service to make you comfortable and enjoyable, whether you’re about to spend a vacation or working hours


Another interesting thing about our hotel is its employees, and all the amenities inside. We supply room forms such as standard, Executive AC and Executive Non- AC at reasonable cost. The features of the room will be provided for all the operation which vary depending on the cost of intensive care.


Our hotel in Uthamapalayam is committed to making your precious time even more enjoyable and fun-filled by organising tours to nearby places like Alleppey, Munnar, and surli falls etc. which have a beautiful and eye-catching view. Topping it all Sixth Star Inn hotel offers the finest management and staff services for citizens and all organisations.


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