Apple Residency

Uthamapalayam Apple Residency

Apple Residency

We are the best Uthamapalayam Residence and Lodges. We all enjoy our free time and we should not forget that 10 per cent of the world ‘s population has some kind of restricted mobility that threatens their capacity to enjoy their leisure time, be it because of advanced age, a dietary restriction disorder. That is why we at Happy Residency are working to find solutions to these constraints.


Leisure areas world wide need to be readily accessible since we all enjoy having a good timeApple Residency, uthamapallayam’s a star Premier Hotel offers you quality that is consistent at a price that’s just right. This down town hotel is located in the heart of the city 


Amenities and facilities

  • Business and Leisure Travellers
  • Stay at Luxury Rooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Welcome drink on arrival (non alcoholic)
  • Cuisine Restaurant,
  • Tea/Coffee maker in the room

double bedroom

All 3 Times Meals, Bonfire, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Tea/Coffee maker in the room, Indoor games, Conference Hall, All tax inclusive. Residency and lodges in Uthamapalayam are a group of journalists, developers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism in various European countries, deeply stirred by our work and willing to ensures that we all have equal access to the enjoyment of our favorite hotels. This website is accessible to millions of people, who because of physical or sensorial reasons do not have the possibility of accessing

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