Theni Sri Pon Murugan Parotta Stall


Common in the South. It originates in Tamil Nadu district of Chettinadu. It is a popular street food particularly in Tamil Nadu & Kerala, in southern India. It is also available in other South Indian states such as Karnataka, Maharashtra and United Arab Emirates countries, Sri Lanka and so on. Various types of porotta are available including coin porotta, malabarparotta, madurai bun. Parottaetc, for example.

Tiffin Services: Evening, dinner, veg & Non Veg

Tiffin Services, Dinner Services

Chicken pepper, KadaiChicken, ButterChicken, Chicken 65,Grilled Chicken, TandooriChicken, GingerChicken, Garlic Chicken have tasted fine. Esp. Esp. ThierPanjuParota Chicken and Pepper Tasted Great.

You can have good side dishes PanjuParota and good Non-Veg
Food products are provided with banana leaf and tables & chairs are neat. If you go with family means ask cashier to provide the AC space. And it’s Cool about the quantity given.

ADDRESS:798, Route des Madurai, Theni, Theni-625531

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