Veeras Hotel And Mahal

Surulifalls Veeras Hotel And Mahal

Veeras Hotel And Mahal

Celebrated as one of the city’s best is, Veeras Hotel And Mahal in Theni. The hotel is strategically located in Suruli Falls Road,Surui Falls. This hospitality destination has grown to become the ideal place for travelers and those on business to feel at home when in the city. Many have also reviewed the hotel to be among the sought after Hotels in Theni. The hotel functions from 08:00 – 20:30 all through the week. Catering to the convenience of its guests, the hotel makes available various payment methods to ease out the payment process .

Veeras Hotel And Mahal

With the aim of pampering its guests to a thrilling experience, the hotel features a plethora of services . The hotel is also classified as a destination to resort to when in need of Hotels. When looking to satiate one’s cravings, the in-house restaurant is where one can choose to either dine-in or order food online at the single click of a button. One can browse through the 2 photographs attached above, to better understand the space through these visual references.

Veeras Hotel And Mahal

Over the years patrons have been constantly rating the hotel based on their experiences which now brings the property to a 3.9 rating value. When in the city, be sure to enjoy a stay here as it is known to be one of the leading Hotels In Suruli Falls Road,Surui Falls.

A goodly living room, three capacious bedrooms, a small library, and an awe-inspiring sit-out gives a feeling of opulence. We have a functional fireplace, not as an architectural design but a requirement in winter. Stepping out is more than enough to feel cherished and content of the trip.

Veeras Hotel And Mahal

The ambiance and aura that we provide in our hotels will surely enter you with a feeling of elevated emotions and flavors. We are continually looking for fresh ways to recreate our brand and are investigating indigenous cuisines that can carry into our menu.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of vegetarian food, with a particular focus on delicious South Indian and North Indian Foods. The guests can choose between a traditional vegetarian thali that includes rice and varied curries, and a la carte dining options, ranging from the Vada of the day to tasty Dosai.

Anyone who has enjoyed the joy of traditional South Indian cuisine in veeras Hotel And Mahal will always long for the mouth-watering idlis, crispy Vadas, crunchy dosas with sizzling hot filter coffee to start the day.

non veg

Non-Vegetarian Recipes-
There are some of us for whom a good meal almost always means a meaty affair. With so many varied kinds of non-vegetarian dishes, one is sure to be bowled over with lip-smacking flavors. Look within the Indian sub-continent and you have unique preparations using local regions of the region. Imagine biting into Malabar fish curry, Mangalore chicken curry, Goan masala prawns, Kosha Mangsho, butter chicken, Laal Maas, Amritsari fish, and Rogan Josh to name a few. Turning to International cuisines, there are many more dishes to add to the indulgence. Some of those dishes are so popular that you commonly find food fanatics dishing them out at the comfort of their kitchen. Fish and chips, steaks, grilled chicken, meatballs, – you name it! There is no end to the delectable nonvegetarian dishes that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

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