Cumbum Mathan Prootta Stall


It is a treat to watch the Parotta makers flip the rolled dough into the air, slap it on the hot tabletop, grease it with butter or ghee, and serving them with your choice of curries. There are so many varieties of Parottas like Malabar Parotta, Egg Parotta, Kothu Parotta, Chilly Parotta

Mathan Prootta Stall

Eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and bananas add bulk to this Parotta, which is continuously kneaded for two hours. The dough is then rolled into thin membranes and sheets, just like a typical Parotta. They are made smaller than the common Parotta, to make them appear like buns.

Mattan Biriyani
Mattan Chukka,Gravy

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