hotel kumaran

Cumbum Hotel Kumara Bhavan

hotel kumaran

The ingredients used are of the most excellent quality and meats the freshest fare from the market, ordered and catered to their high specifications. They specialise in Chettinad style non-vegetarian food items. 


They emphasized on taste, quality and ensured that the Biriyani made at this hotel is deliciously unique. The restaurant has been delighting people of all class for the last half-decade. They offer good, delicious and high-quality nonvegetarian food without compromising on taste and price. Takeaway & home delivery services are available.

veg non veg

The karri dosa that you get here is full of mutton and egg and it in combination with the mutton gravy has a killing flavour that tempts you to visit the place often. Another thing to note is you don’t get the parotta and Chettinad biryani here, but this couldn’t be a draw back because the karri dosa would replace them.

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