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Bodi Iyer Restaurant

bodi iyer hotel

A humble, plain and noble soul began our Hotel Gopalakrishna Vilas or BodiIyer Hotels back in 1947 in a small town called Cumbum, Theni district. He ‘d been named after Sri. Chidambaram Iyer and folks affectionately referred to him as BodiIyer.
Originally this undertaking began as a little tea shop serving hot elaichi tea and crispy Vada to go with.

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This tea shop slowly grew by adding stuff in me
Sri had completely managed the unique role. Smt backboned Chidambaram Iyer. Saradhambal (his wife) who was a true pillar of catering and administrative support. Mr Sadasiva Subramanian, S / o BodiIyer took over the management of the hotel, and this hotel began expanding exponentially.

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This position and the people behind this organization saw a lot of trouble in almost every way but they have always emerged stronger with the blessings of their late founder BodiIyer and Smt. Saradhambal and family members, friends and colleagues as well. Today this place is one of the only places around Cumbum to serve pure vegetarian delicacies and sweets.

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Pranav Siva, who holds a masters degree in international business management from the University of Aberdeen, UK. Governance is always very helpful, This tag heuer replica hotel has also been listed in the “NeeyaNaana” talk show on VijayTV, accessible and open to suggestions.

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