Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Theni arranged in Southern Tamil Nadu has consistently been a significant vacation spot zone. Its extraordinary dams, huge cascades, endless explorer habitats, appealing sanctuaries with thick silver-lined mists make it a lovely spot to visit. Theni’s excellent green slopes are home to a wide assortment of uncommon verdure. The spot has for the most part three taluks calledPeriyakulam, Uthamapalayam, and Andipatti. Bound with thick vegetation and delightful streams, Theni is one of the most beautiful towns in Tamil Nadu. Known to be the home of numerous waterways, in particular, Vaigai, Kottagudi, Suruliyar, Varahanathi, Manjalar, and varattaru. Politeness of Theni, Theni is stacked with great dams like Manjalaru dam, Sothuparai dam, Shanmuganathi dam, Manalaru dam, and Melmanalaru dam.

Megamalai implies a cloud clad mountain. The name itself is unmistakable of the amazing Varushanad mountain ranges in the Western Ghats. Otherwise called High Wavy Mountains, Meghamalai is arranged at a stature of 1,500 m. Visiting this lovely spot is should because of its awesome tea homes and rich ranches of pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon. There is likewise thick timberland arranged close to Meghamalai where one can discover grand creatures like the sambar, tiger, panther, elephant just as cheetahs, gaur, and spotted deer. Another fascinating reality about Meghamalai is that it is home to in excess of 100 types of uncommon feathered creatures, the majority of which can be seen close to the ChinnaSuruli Falls.

The British government named it the Highwavys on account of the wave-like examples these mountains make. Early mornings give supernatural minutes as snow white strips of cloud fold over these lofty mountains with simply their pinnacles overshadowing those mists. There are additionally 7 square kilometers of a beautiful lake framework twisting through the valley of the verdant slopes embellishing the estate. Despite the fairly lengthy drive through barren ranger service to arrive at Megamalai, the excursion gives great snapshots of delight to the ones that adoration crude nature. As you draw nearer to Megamalai, the waves like the arrangement of the ‘Highwavys’ will begin making a visual quality that can bring out the verse in any individual who is touchy to the magnificence of nature. From the fields a far distance they show up as tall, attractive and undulating scopes of tremendously steep mountains. As the light changes, they structure pleasant wavy states of blues and grays to add persona to their great presence. Megamalai currently has become a one of a kind objective for impassioned nature sweethearts who esteem a mix of security with un-forced untamed life experience during customized manner remains.

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Megamalai can be reached through Theni and Chinamannur. This is a town only dependent on horticulture. From Chinamannur it is 43 kilometers to Megamalai by street. It is a tough territory and maybe one of the most uninhabited and forlorn territories you could go through in south India. You won’t see human settlements on either roadside. It is save backwoods on the two sides till you see the Woodbriar tea bequests as you close to the Megamalai region. There is truth be told, almost no human impedance in this whole territory and the Periyar Tiger Reserve guests the tea bequests. This is definitely why there is a bounty of greenery and creature life here. In Megamalai Only timberland lodges and panchayath rest houses are accessible at the ridge. Earlier reservation and authorization is an outright should. On the off chance that searching for a night remain here, one can make a room reservation from the timberland registration found 3 km from Chinnamannur on approach to Meghamalai.

Home Stay

Home stay is more comfortable in financially and also it comes  to feel the place like a home along with our family members. It’s been really a great place where we can cook, dance making fun each other. Just useful for a family vacation and friends meet in a week end. Comfort with financially and freedom with privacy. Theni is the place where you would choose your home stay option.

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Farm Stay / Organic Stay

Here the place you feel good meditation by soul. Your privacy and health related issues will be relaxed at here. Excellent opportunity to learn organic farming in one of the oldest organic.

Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts
Theni Home Stay, Farm House & Resorts

Who you are looking for luxury accommodation with the best rates can choose these resorts. The high-level of service provided will be available. A team will be waiting for your requirement for all 24 hours.  

An efficient comfortable accommodation will lead you to a perfect vacation and a stable adventure may occur over there. So regards that we suggest the following best Homestay, Farm stay & Resorts for your pleasurable accommodation.

The best Places to accommodate…

  • Megamalai Raja Andhavan Cottage
  • Megamalai Briar Tea Bungalows
  • Megamalai Tamilazhan Cottage
  • Megamalai Sand River Cottages
  • Manallar Cottage
  • Megamalai Guberan Cottage
  • Megamalai Tourist Resorts
  • Megamalai Cloud Mountain Bungalow
  • Bodimettu Blue Mountain Home Stay
  • Bodimettu Chill Berg Resorts
  • Bodi Kumaran Kudil – New Family Home Stay VL
  • Cumbum Tranquil Greens
  • Theni Pepy Vedha Farm Stay

Services offered

  • 24 hours Room service
  • 24 hours Water
  • Clean and Green Environment
  • Camp Fire with Music
  • Rooms with Pool view, Garden view, Mountain view.
  • Ayurvedic Medical Therapy & Spa
  • Farm Pets Sale
  • Safe deposit box
  • Air conditioning
  • Ironing facilities
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Electric Kettle

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