Theni The Hidden Paradise

Do you Know Theni?

Theni The Hidden Paradise

Theni is a splendid city

Theni is near Madurai that brims with beauty throughout the year. International tourists who are planning to take a break from their regular routine and stay in a place where they can enjoy maximum relaxation should decide to visit Theni which is in the state of Tamil Nadu.

M/s Rengha Tourism and Holidays which is the best tour operator in Tamilnadu has managed to surpass the expectations and requirements of international tourists to date and will continue to outperform their previous services in the future. It has a point of contact centers spread throughout India and other continents. 

Tourists who are planning to stay in Theni for a few days and visit tourist spots should decide to utilize the services of a well-established tourist operator in Tamil Nadu. If you want to explore the best tourist spots in theni, then do not hesitate to utilize the services of M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism since it has deep roots in the city of Theni. 

Theni The Hidden Paradise

Theni The Hidden Paradise

Business development managers and support staff working at M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism will understand your trip requirements thoroughly before showing you the best tourist places in theni. The tour managers will suggest the best tourist plans that will bring wide smiles to your face. 

Why should you choose theni district tourist places?

Theni is one of the most happening cities that see industrial and engineering activities throughout the year. People fondly call theni as “Earth’s Hidden Paradise” since it houses plenty of natural reservoirs, waterfalls, deep jungles, forests, and mountains. 

Theni is a huge town which is nestled in-between greenish mountains. It enjoys a salubrious climate throughout the year. If you have a question in your mind – what is there to see in theni? Then you should take efforts to select one of the cheaply priced tour packages in theni offered by M/s Rengha Tourism and Holidays and visit hotspot tourist attractions like the ones listed below.

– Jallikuttu bullfights which are conducted during the Pongal season are world-famous and people from various countries watch live bullfights before exploring other tourist places. 

– Megamalai wildlife sanctuary is a protected place that houses millions of floras and faunas. It is an environmentally friendly tourist destination that sees millions of tourists throughout the year. You can watch the activities of endangered species like tiger and lions and play with monkeys and bears. 

– Suruli falls – Taking a bath and playing in the gushing waters with your family members under surely falls will be a joy that cannot be expressed in words.  

– Kurangani falls- The tourist spot where kurgani falls are situated in a scenic place where plenty of tourist activities takes place. You can bath under gushing waterfalls and relax thoroughly for hours. 

– Classic view from the top station – Strolling on this misty mountain and observing the expansive sky and land will be a scintillating experience. 

– Kumbakkarai Falls – You will love this wonderful fall that houses plenty of scenic spots that will elevate your positive spirits. You can take plenty of photoshoots from this exotic locale.

– Kuchanur Sri saneeswara baghwan temple – If you are suffering from the negative influence of Saturn planet then you should visit this temple along with your family members to this temple which sees plenty of crowds daily. Pilgrims from all faith visit this temple and pray inside the sanctum sanctorum.

– Gowmariamman temple – It is an ancient temple which is dedicated to the goddess gowmari Amman. You can take a bath near the nearby river which sees perennial water and visit this temple during the morning and pray.

There are plenty of such tourist spots in theni that will entice you and make you happy. Adventurers and others can involve trekking and mountain climbing activities.

Tourists can find tall hills filled with greenish pastures, rocky terrain, and cliffs, and spend few hours on these hilly terrains will be a joyful experience. 

What is there is meghamalai hills?

Meghamalai that is situated in the ghat section is an eco-friendly mountain that offers shelter to rare wildlife animals, birds, and species. Your heart will be filled with the utmost joy and ultimate satisfaction when you walk through the rough terrains of meghamalai. Meghamalai wildlife sanctuary is one of the must-see tourist spots in the district of Theni.

International tourists can book one of our theni tour packages and visit meghamalai along with others. It is a protected area where forest officers are vigilant round the clock. It is a plastic-free hill and you should not use plastic items on this mountain. 

It is also called “High Wavy Mountains” where you can see plenty of clouds kissing the mountain tops. You can stroll through tea estates and manalar estates which will surely be an eye-opener. 

The grizzled squirrel wildlife sanctuary is a tourist spot where rare squirrels are fed and grown. You can watch the activities of white-bellied short-wing, black-naped monarch, pied thrush, leopard, and tiger walking inside the protected area.

The renowned companies manage the wildlife sanctuary and safeguard the animals from poaching activities. You will love the serene atmosphere and enjoy walking inside the expansive landscapes filled with tea gardens and greens.

The wildlife of vellimalai is famous for spotted deer, sambar deer, black bull, redeye, bison, gaur, and so on. It is just 50 km from Theni and M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism will arrange cab services for you to make your trip a celebration. 

Tour managers working at M/s Rengha Holidays and Tourism will make your stay comfortable and handle you with maximum respect and dignity. Interestingly, M/s Rengha Travels is number one tourism service providers in Theni district. If you are planning for a short and long trip to theni, then you can contact this firm at any point in time and request a free quote. 

Customer support staff will guide you properly and help you till the tour culminates successfully. M/s Rengha maintains best business standards and offer their services with a dedicated mindset. Touring with the guide to meghamalai and other wildlife sanctuaries will be a delightful experience. 

Head office of M/s Rengha Holidays and Tours is located in Theni and they also have branch offices in Sivakasi, Dindigul, and Chennai which will be open during business hours and you can contact one of the customer support executives and book your theni tour that comes at affordable prices. 

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