Mavootru Velappar Temple

The temple is situated in a pleasant natural environment. It is the staunch faith of the devotees that prayer to Lord Velappar would bring them health and all happiness in life. According to some historical facts there is an underground link with some places with a big float (Theppam) in Theppampatti.

It is also believed that there are many siddhas and sages performing penance in the surrounding hill caves. Presiding deity Lord Mavootru Velappar, Vinayaka and Saptha Matha shrines are in the hill. Sakthi, Karuppanna Swami shrines are at the foot hill.

The region was dense with Marudha and Mango trees. There is perennial spring pumping water from the ground under a mango tree south of the temple called Mavootru and the presiding deity Mavootru Velappar-Lord Muruga. This part of the place is also named Mavootru. Lord Vinayaka also is praised as Mavootru Vinayaka. People pray to Lord Velappar for the health and welfare of children, cure from illness, business and trade development, wedding and excellence in education.