Moongilanai Kamakshi Amman Temple

The Temple is located in Devadanapatti at the foothills of Kodaikanal Hills. Temple is surrounded with lush green forests, waterfalls, creeks and other wild animals & birds. Temple is unique in every sense. The uniqueness is that it has no Temple Towers, Doors or Idols.

The main deity here is Kamakshi Amman. The idol is replaced with a door. A lot of rituals are different in this temple. A lamp that was lit some 500 years ago is still burning to this date in this temple. Devotees offer mainly ghee to the temple. The ghee is still fresh, and has not gone off. They do not attract any insects either. Devotees believe this is because of Goddess Kamakshi’s blessings.

Sairaksha Pooja is done every evening. The prayers are carried out with blowing of conch, and beating of sekandi. After this pooja pin-drop silence is maintained at the temple. It is believed that Goddess kamakshi is still alive and meditates every evening. This is a temple that says one can still connect to the God without having to worship idols. God is everywhere and it us who needs to realize the truth.