Uthamapalayam Kalatheeswarar Temple

A king ruling uthamapalayam region was a Lord Muruga devotee. He was also in charge of the army of Rani Mangammal. Merciful Shiva, to fulfill the wish of the devotee granted darshan to him in this place and stayed here as Kalatheeswarar. After installing Lord Kalathinathar, devotees wished to install Mother Ambica.

For quite long years, the temple remained without Ambica. Appearing in the dream of a devotee, Lord Shiva said that Ambica would emerge from Mullaiperiyaru River. During floods, a basket came floating with Ambica idol. Their joy knowing no bounds, devotees, named her Gnanambika. Some scars caused through the tossing of flood waters are still visible on Ambica’s face.

Lord Somaskanda shrine is in between those of Lord and Mother. Devotees can have the darshan of Mother Ambica and Muruga simultaneously from one place. The temple is a symbol of Mother-child love. Any mother or son differing from each other and separated are united by prayers in the shrine.