Chinnamanur Sivakami Amman Temple

In Chinnamanur a temple was constructed by the king Rajasimeshwaran with the lingam as the deity in the middle, named as Thiru Poolanandeshwarar Sivakami Amman Temple. Shivalinga in the temple is a swayambumurthi with a cut scar. Mother is seen with a face ever sweating. The great marvel of the temple is that the Lord looks as tall as the view or bhakti of the devotee.

In the temple, the lingam is traditionally worshiped with deeba aradanai. The aradhanai shows the reflections of the embossed ornaments of king Rajasimeshwaran on the lingam. The symbol of an armour is seen on the body of the Lord showing that a king embraced him once. If the bones of the dead are dissolved in Surabi river, they become stones, according to belief.

The deity has various other names like, 'Palkonda naadar' meaning, the lord who asked for milk; 'Alavodu alavanavar' meaning, the lord who came down for the humble request of a true devotee; ' Tazhuva Kudaindavar' meaning, the lord who was compassionate to the hug of an honest king and a true devotee. The deity is also named after the king as Rajasimeshwarar.