Veerapandi Gowmari Amman Temple

Arulmigu Gowmariamman Temple was built by the Pandiya King Veerapandian in 14th century. The history of the temple depicts that the King Veerapandiya regained his eye-sight by worshipping the goddess Gowmariamman and the God Kanneeswaramudayar.

The Goddess Gowmari fulfill the prayer of the devotes affected by the various diseases worship the goddess Gowmari and it is believed that they have got cured by her mercy. Every Year Annual festival is being celebrated during the Tamil month of chittrai.

During the time of festival-days everyday thousands of devotees are gathering, worshipping and receiving the blessings of the goddess Gowmariamman. The special feature of the festival is offering of firepots (Agnichatti) thousands and thousands by the devotees.