Theertha Thotti Murugan Temple

Lord Muruga appeared in the dream of a farmer and told him that He was in a particular spot in the fields of Virpakshi village. He informed the king. They found the idol, installed it and built the temple. As the Lord was found in the Virupakshi Village, He is praised as Virupakshi Arumuga Nayinar.

The temple is situated on the western bank of Kottakudi River. Lord Muruga, Naga Subramaniar, Naga Ganapathy and Rudraksha Shiva in the temple were found from a field. There are two Vilwa trees in the prakara before Lord Muruga’s shrine. These are the sacred trees of the temple.

On the wall of the Theertha Thotti (Sacred Water Tub) are the sculptures of Saptha Kannikas the seven virgins worshipping Lord Muruga and Shivalinga and Vinayaka. There is a Vel the weapon of Lord Muruga, very old in age still exists in the temple but the sharpness broken. Those facing adverse aspects of serpent planets, Mars (Sevvai) bathe in the Theertha and pray to Lord Muruga for relief. People also pray for good education, growth in their enterprises and family prosperity.