Kumbakarai Falls

The Kumbakkarai Falls are located in the Theni district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The origin of the cascade is from the Western Ghats and the waters flow through the rocks, over the green pastures, to descend as Kumbakkarai Falls, at the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills.

Due to the long journey of the waters, they acquire healing and medicinal powers, to cure skin and other minor ailments. The Kumbakkarai Falls are lesser to known to the tourists, while being quite popular amongst the locals. The source of the waters of the Kumbakkarai Falls is the River Pamba. The tourists who visit these falls enjoy bathing under the healing waters. The Kumbakkarai Falls remain perennial throughout the year and the water currents are fierce during the rains.

A Lord Murugan Statue stands in the middle of the Kumbakkarai Falls. The Kumbakkarai Falls are mighty and dangerous. The visitors bathing at the cascade should be careful of the slippery rocks and the heavy down pour of water. Holding on to the railings and each other’s hands would prove to be safe. It is advisable to take local help to visit the falls and for the trek into the hills.