Megamalai is an emerging tourist destination and is near other holiday destinations. It is an undiscovered eco paradise with many attractions. Trek through virgin forests and rich tea estates, savour the picturesque landscapes of the countryside from the many viewpoints, enjoy a quite moment at the secluded dams and wash off your fatigue at the pristine waterfalls.

Megamalai Trip will make all comparisons inane and leave you amazed by its absolute beauty. The Views are breathtaking, the climate perfect. The serene lake and the beckoning mountains ranges are perhaps the best `real' description of paradise.

To wake up to the call of a distant elephant trumpet, to walk beside the lake for miles across undulating hills, to walk past an elephant skull to a private waterfall or to simply sit atop a grassy cliff and be in communion with mountain peaks all around, are some other things that will become forever locked within your memory for a long, long time. Whoever described paradise must have been here before!