Top Station (Kurangani)

Kurangini is 145 km from Kodaikanal on the edge of the scenic Palani hills, bordering the Western Ghats, and straddling the transit access way between Thekkady and Kodaikanal.

It is a multi-cropped area where many cardamom cultivators live, farming in the catchment and bringing the produce here for post-harvest processing, packing and dispatch to the market.Tourists will be delighted to glimpse forces of Nature such as rock crevices, waterfalls, rare and endangered flora and fauna and scenic beauty.

Several foreign tourists do come here and spend their time enjoying the nature. Some nature lovers within the state also frequently visit Kurangani Hills for trekking and other related activities. Frequently changing weather, low-hanging clouds, chilly atmosphere and strong winds coupled with wide range of flora and fauna are the things to enjoy in the hills. One can spot Indian guars, barking deer, langurs, wild cats and birds. However, the villagers warn about the presence of leopards and tigers. But we couldn't spot any wild animals except wild chicks, and birds.